Application of KDS series miniature peristaltic pump

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Application of KDS series miniature peristaltic pump on water quality automatic sampler


Automatic water sampler

The micro-peristor pump for sewage is used to draw water. The pipe diameter is large and the flow rate is fast, which can effectively avoid pipe blockage. Under the control of 32-bit high-performance industrial-grade ARM controllers. The sampling mode, sampling interval, sampling amount, and storage location can be arbitrarily set according to user needs. It can be sampled synchronously with automatic line monitoring instruments (such as on-line COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus total nitrogen, heavy metals, etc.). For comparison with the test results of on-line monitoring instruments. After the connection of the flow sensor, the dual work of sewage measurement and sampling according to the flow rate can be realized. With online monitoring instrument online can achieve over standard samples. Remote wireless control can be implemented, and sampling instructions can be issued randomly as needed. In order to obtain the most real and effective water samples. It is one of the necessary instruments to improve work efficiency, reduce labor burden, and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of monitoring data.


Customer Application


Client Needs

1. Sample delay time: (1 to 9999 minutes) arbitrarily set, increment 1 minute

2. Sample volume: 50 to 1000ml arbitrarily set, increments of 1 ml

3. Sample error: ±5%

4. Sample repetition accuracy: ±5ml

5. The peristaltic pump is simple to operate and easy to maintain.


Value Of Customer

1. KDS peristaltic pump has a good self-sealing performance, no backflow of liquid occurs.

2.KDS peristaltic pump has the characteristics of compact structure, small size and light weight, easy to install and maintain.