Micro Pumps In Six Industry Applications

2019-07-14 11:54:22 外贸 238


1.Medical Care

When choosing a pump for medical equipment, the long life of the pump and low noise are two key factors to be considered.

Known for reliability and quiet operation, it can be used in a variety of devices for monitoring, disinfection, diagnosis and analysis, as well as other applications to help patients recover, improve patient comfort and sustain life.

Typical applications include:

■ Inflatable mattress

■ Aspirator

■ Sterilizer

■ Bathtub seat

■ Blood analyzer

■ blood pressure monitor

■ Chair lift

■ Pressure therapy instrument

■ Mobile dental treatment car

■ Dialysis machine

■ Drug Delivery

■ Gas monitoring

■ Atomizer

■ Nitrogen Generator

■ Oxygen generator

■ Ventilator

■ wound ventilation


2.The Laboratory

■ Draw

■ Cell collection

■ Concentrator

■ Dry

■ Filter

■ Freeze-drying

■ Pipettes

■ Rotary evaporator

■ Solvent degassing

■ Organization training

■ Vacuum Concentrate

■ Vacuum furnace

■ Dental laboratories are using special ovens to make ceramic dentures. To exclude air or other gases from the softened ceramic dentures, the oven must be evacuated. Therefore, to prevent hollows in the dentures.


3.The Car

For the automotive market, it is specifically targeted for applications requiring high efficiency and continuity, such as: inflatable seats, fuel cells, air suspension, and tire inflation.

■ Pneumatic clutch

■ Pneumatic door

■ Pneumatic horn

■ Inflatable seat

■ Air suspension

■ Brake assist device

■ Tire inflation


4.Environmental Protection

Monitoring, analyzing, storing, and recycling products that are harmful to the environment are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, global manufacturers are increasingly challenged to produce products in an environmentally friendly manner. It can provide the necessary challenges for the environmental protection sector: vacuum pumps and liquid pumps.

■ Pond aeration

■ Air sampling

■ Gas Analyzer

■ Gas detector

■ Leak detection

■ Particle Counter

■ Refrigerant recovery

■ Wastewater aeration

■ Oil and gas recovery


V. Food and Beverage

Peristaltic pumps in home appliances and commercial appliances also show their capabilities, and are widely used in small household appliances such as washing machines, sweepers, soap dispensers, and sterilizers.

The technology is perfect to meet various applications in the food and beverage market, such as nitrogen production, soft drink and beer dispensing, gas mixing systems, and pneumatic equipment and pump driving air.

■ Coffee machine

■ Beverage distribution system

■ Ice cream dispensing system

■ Nitrogen Generator


6.General Application

Innovative solutions for emerging markets, and today's ever-changing technologies, make people increasingly demanding vacuum pumps and liquid pumps. Our products are widely used in various applications such as:

■ Microdermabrasion

■ In addition to solder

■ Evacuate

■ Foam mark

■ Impregnation

■ Inkjet printing

■ Photocopier

■ Photo flushing

■ Plasma cutting machine

■ Spray leather tanning

■ Vacuum printing machine

■ Teeth whitening

■ Vacuum retention