About Kamoer – your partner for OEM applications and pumps for more than 15 years


Company overview

Trade nameKamoer Fluid Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Sales DirectorAmy Wan
Size5200 square meters
Number of employees80

4th building,No79Xiangjing Road | 201611

Songjiang District , Shanghai | China 

Tel: +86-(0)21-6774-2578 
Fax: +81-(0)21-6774-1776  
  • ■The development, production, and sale of peristaltic pumps for OEM application

  • ■The development, production, and sale of peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pump, liquid pump & gas pump

  • ■The development and production of electronic control devices according to customer specifications

We know that the performance of our customers' design ultimately depends on the quality and dependability of its components. That's why so many OEMs serving the medical, laboratory, food and beverage, environmental and automotive/mobile markets have entrusted their reputations to Kamoer.

Kamoer obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification, an international standard for quality management systems, in Sept 2015. Building on this certification, we will aim for continuously higher levels of quality and customer satisfaction.