The Kamoer brand,start in 2008 ,is founded by a group of Shanghai YongChuang Medical Instrument who advocates a healthy positive and happy lifestyles . 

Years of experience in the medical field let us deeply appreciate that the real happiness is from the inner peace and the most important thing to keep physical and mental health is to maintain a good mood.

Keeping calm from the inside to outside and discovering the beauty of life is our highest pursuit.

Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented,continuous innovation"from Utrao Medical Instrument Company,Kamoer pays great attention to scientific research development and technology accumulation,constantly develops new product to meet market demands.

By replacing human labour in the complicated work with the scientific and intelligent technology and products,we make more and more people have the time to discover the beauty of life and make the word a better place.

About Kamoer:

1.Over 10 years exported experience

2.R&D engineers over 25% all staff

3.Have obtained CE,ISO,RoHS certifications and  a assessed supplier by Alibaba.

4.Top sales team, R&D team,QC team , PMC team and logistic team

5.Specialize in micro pumps over 12 years

6.Quality is our culture

Vision : To become a respected company in the field of fluids; 

Mission : Let fluids flow intelligently; 

Values : Accomplish of customers    Integrity    Teamwork   Innovation   Self-criticism   Passion and Professionalism.